Delicious dishes in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc attractive to travelers not only for beauty but also thanks to the delicious food which is made from fresh seafood or other speciality in this Island. The delicious food, specialty of Phu Quoc to enjoy during your travel to Phu Quoc are:



Grilled Nhum, image: zing .vn

Nhum ( Echinoidea) is a unique dish in Phu Quoc that travelers should not ignore. Nhum is such as ginseng of the sea, it has kidney effects that is very beneficial for men.
People on the island are usually processed in various ways such as raw-eat (like shasimi) with mustard, baked or porridge.

Tram mushrooms

nam tram

Tram mushrooms only grow after the first rains in the Tram (Melaleuca) forest in Phu Quoc. In Phu Quoc, Tram mushrooms are cooked with shrimp, squid as is a popular dish, or can be made boiled chicken mushroom soup. Tram mushroom after cooking has special bitter sweet flavor.

 “Banh canh with fish”

banh canh cha ca

Banh canh cha ca noodle soup, image: phuot .vn

When traveling in Phu Quoc you should spend some time stop at street shops in the evening to enjoy this casual noodle dishes. The kind of noodle tastier when eating with Phu Quoc fish sauce. The noodle made ​​in Phu Quoc has a smooth and supple and smells characteristic of being made ​​from pure rice.

Goi ca Trich (Trich fish raw dish)


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