Attractions in Phu Quoc

Beside the beaches, there are alot of interesting things to see on Phu Quoc island. Popular attractions are the rowdy day and night markets, Dinh Cau temple, waterfalls, historic monuments, …

Coconut Tree Prison (Cay Dua Prison)

phu quoc prision

nha tu phu quoc

Some 5km north of An Thoi town is the Coconut Tree Prison, this is a Phu Quoc historic monument. The prison was built by the French colonial administration before the World War II and was later used by the Americans during the Vietnam War to house tens of thousands of prisoners, in its heyday covered an area of over 40 hectares housing an estimated peak of 40,000 VC prisoners during the Vietnam War. Today, this prison still holds some prisoners but travelers are welcome to visit and see the rusty remains of the older complex.

Inside the prison travelers can see headshots of the heroes who were incarcerated, statuettes of prisoners being beaten by prison’s guards, and some of the original “tiger cages” where troublesome inmates were tortured.

War Memorial

The War Memorial is sitting opposite Coconut Tree Prison as a commemorative monument to this official heritage site. It is located in the southern part of the island, about 5kms north of An Thoi town.

Dinh Cau Rock (Cau Temple)

dinh cau temple

One of the attractions in Phu Quoc is Dinh Cau Rock, which is sitting at the mouth of the Duong Dong River. It is a combination of Buddhist temple and lighthouse. This temple was built in 1937 as a dedication to the Goddess of the sea – Thien Hau – who provides protection for the fishermen and vessels that head out to the open waters. Climbing the steps, travelers will have a better view of many fishing boats navigating the narrow river opening, as well as views along the coast. The beachfront here also is a good place to view the sunset.

Near Dinh Cau temple is Dinh Ba (Ba temple)

Dinh Ba temple Phu quoc

Duong Dong day and night markets

Duong Dong market


cho duong dong market

Duong Dong markets, located in Duong Dong town, opens both day and night in slightly different parts of town. The day market is located right in the middle of Duong Dong town and it bustles with trade in fish, fruit, vegetables and ready-to-go snacks such as baked taro potato cakes. The night market operates on Vo Thi Sau street further towards the sea (near the Dinh Cau temple), and teems with stalls selling cheap and exotic foods as well as conch shells and handicrafts. 

The Suoi Tranh Waterfall

suoi tranh phu quoc

The Suoi Tranh waterfall is  are 7km south-east of Duong Dong, just off the road to Ham Ninh village.

Nearby Suoi Tranh waterfall is the nicely named Bat Cave. Another popular Phu Quoc waterfall is Suoi Da Ben (Da Ben Stream).

Phu Quoc Museum

Phu quoc museum

bao tang phu quoc

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